Bethel News

Supreme Officers for 2017/2018

  Supreme Guardian:  Mrs. Shelly Cole, State of Utah

Associate Supreme Guardian:  Mr. Ralph Schmidt, State of Missouri

Vice Supreme Guardian:  Ms. Pam Henderson, State of Kansas

Vice Associate Supreme Guardian:  Mr. David Kirk, Queensland, Australia

Supreme Guide:  Mrs. Linda Luttrell, State of Oklahoma

Supreme Inner Guard:  Mr. Tom Selby, State of Ohio

Supreme Marshal:  Ms. Valorie Koogle, State of Virginia

Supreme Outer Guard:  Mr. Ron Johnson, State of Michigan


Board of Trustees (Term Expires 2020):  Mr. John Coulter

Board of Trustees (Term Expires 2020):  Mr. Grayson Koogle

Board of Trustees (Term Expires 2019):  Ms. Cindi Marvel

Board of Trustees (Term Expires 2019):  Mr. John Regner

Board of Trustees (Term Expires 2018):  Mrs. Patty Reardon


Supreme Deputy:  Mrs. Toni Tomlinson, PGG, State of Oklahoma


Miss International Job's Daughter:  Miss Hannah Gerow

State of Oklahoma

 Supreme Bethel Honored Queen:  Miss Aimee Bright

State of Delaware


Congratulations to All Supreme Officers,

Supreme Team, and Representatives


 The web address for Supreme is:

Girls, The Petition for Membership is on the Links Page on the International Page.  It is a PDF Format Fill-In-The-Blank Petition.  You cannot save it so you have to print 3 copies - 1 to be turned in and 1 for your Bethel files and 1 for your files.

ATTENTION ADULTS  See the CAV Update page for a current list of training opportunities.  Remember you must have a Current CAV Card prior to working with the girls.  In addition, if your card lapses (goes expired) you will have to take the complete class again and background checks redone.




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